Friday, April 14, 2017

Transmission Dream

I had a dream this morning. I was in a parking lot with a bunch of people. I was throwing a Frisbee as fast and as high as I ever had. And it actually went to the person I wanted it to and not off into the trees like I was afraid it would. I was looking up into the sky along the path of the Frisbee and I saw a bald eagle descending. I put up my forearm for it to land on and it did. I was afraid that its talons would rend my forearm, but it seemed a small price to pay. It latched on and settled its weight onto me. Everyone who could see came up and reached out to touch it. I was afraid they would overwhelm the bird and I struggled to get them to approach with caution and respect. Finally, I asked for a single line, and they lined up. As people came up to the eagle, it had turned into a great big whitish owl that seemed very old. People asked it questions and I was surprised that the owl answered out loud in English. It addressed people by their names, and this seemed to be even more important than the answer it gave to their question. At one point I wondered what question I would ask. The feeling I got holding this owl was that I already knew the answer. That was the end of the dream.

I want to thank my clients for this dream because they are such brave pioneers of the heart and soul and inspire me to be more brave and vulnerable myself. I want to thank Krista for this dream, for being my teacher and my lover and for bringing me along on her path of discovery. I want to thank the land at heart song sanctuary for this dream, it is magical, I have seen a bald eagle circling at the top of the hill, and a large white owl flying in front of us across the driveway, and picking up mice from the field behind the treatment room. I have never had such a dream. It feels like love trying to come into me. I am so grateful that I am learning to let it in. Thank you.

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