Friday, April 07, 2017

Cuddle Client

My desire is to be well used. I want to thank for helping me find people who engage me in this way. And I want to thank those people, pioneers in the social understanding of love and connection for sharing with me all of who they are. The reflection below is from a client who has my gratitude for many reasons.

"John Ellsworth is a rare find. He is a person who is completely attuned to the experience of the body, but he also has a tremendous capacity to listen to what our needs are, just talking things through. John is deeply sensitive, but is also a man of great strength. My sessions with him have been healing and comforting, but have also awakened me to look at areas in my life for personal growth in a way I hadn't expected. I can't recommend John enough for his kindness and commitment to what he's doing, and for the care he takes in being present to the experience of cuddling. He is a true artist and shaman of the heart."

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