Sunday, March 12, 2017


Love from my Cuddlist trainer.
"Okay, John, THIS is what I'm talking about! I hope everyone on this training reads your introduction and learns :). Respect and gratitude for the self work you have done and continue to do moment by moment. Humbled to have individuals such as yourself show up to hold this space for others. Joyful that I get to play my part."

The prompts were:
What is important to you about professional cuddling?
What has prepared you thus far to become a Cuddlist?
What are you looking to get out of this training?

My name is John Ellsworth.
I split my time between NYC and High Falls, NY.
I have been a cuddler all of my life. I have been interested in cuddle party for several years but it never lined up until recently. Some of my friends talked about Cuddlist from hearing Adam talk about it during a cuddle party they went to. It got my interest. So many things have prepared me for this but 6 years in an evolved Alanon room was essential. Being called out on how I abandon myself by a sacred intimate was also huge.
My strengths are;
That I am no longer a compulsive cuddler.  
That I have found every one of my massage clients attractive over the past 15 years.
That my impulse to fix things and make them better are much less than they used to be.
That I finally understand that I am 100% responsible for my own experience.
That I understand Betty Martin's wheel of consent.
That I am curious and compassionately humorous.
That "Boundaries" by H.Cloud and J.Townsend is changing my life
That in the past year I have completed a desire based coaching program by One Taste and Shalom Mountain's leadership training.
That tantra has taught me that everything is an experiment and that there are no failures, only opportunities for awareness.
Working as a Sacred Intimate where just holding hands with consciousness was enough to turn my client's world upside down.
What I want to get out of this training is;
More confidence and flow in helping people express what they really want.
Not investing more than my client is investing in their transformation.
Knowledge of this cuddle session container that I can relax into.
Any and everything you have to tell me.
A clean way to honor both my work and my clients' work when faced with my client giving me all the credit.
Any unforeseen pitfalls I should know about, how to avoid and how to recover from them.
I want to feel and enjoy the passion for this specific work that others have developed.
I want to enjoy the goodness and beauty of my fellow students.
I am looking forward to all of it and thank you!

This Cuddlist thing is working out in the most rewarding way for me. Thank you.


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