Thursday, August 09, 2012

The Only One

I was interviewed by the New York Times recently.  The reporter was originally looking for a light story about the weirdness of asking for a specific gender of massage therapist when going to a spa. I don't think I was especially helpful with the light stories but I did have a lot to say.  Maybe the story will have some more useful information when it gets printed.  My big push was about communication to avoid discomfort, and failing that, to fain sickness and walk out.  Laying naked on a table is much too vulnerable a situation, everyone should have an escape plan.
The point of me posting this here is not for the betterment of anyone.  I mean to brag.  The person who gave my name to the reporter told me that the reporter said to her, "He is the only one who does not lie".  I asked for clarification and it turns out everyone else (according to the reporter) tells half the story, what makes them look good or what they think someone wants to hear.  The compliment took a while to sink in but it did.  I considered my advantages, that I am not looking to get clients from the article like a lot of therapists would, or even I would 7 or 10 years ago.  I don't have have an employer to please or a spa to promote.  But as my friend pointed out, it is kind of a big deal to be interviewed in the NYTimes.  Part of me wants the article to make me look good.  Part of me is excited by the prospect of being real, presenting as I really am and not just how I wish I was.  Regardless of how the article comes out I'm going with the feel good from earning "He is the only one who does not lie." Thank you for what ever it is that lets me live this life!

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