Thursday, July 02, 2009

Our Wedding Vows

The night before our wedding I asked Annie why she loved me and how she showed her love for me. Hours before the ceremony I distilled it into this. We both read it as we exchanged rings. People have asked me if it is different being married. My response is that you have to be essentially married before the ceremony or you wouldn't be getting married. I really like that our vows came not from what we wanted in our future but from how we have lived and loved each other up to now. Thank you Annie.

I love you because you are tender and kind
Because you console me when I am sad and celebrate in my happiness
I love you because you do not take me for granted
And always try to love me better

I promise to support you in your endeavors
To place our love before my ego
And to always remember how rare and precious you are.
I love you

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Elegant. Simple. Perfect.