Friday, June 12, 2009

White Nice

In 2007 I bought my lady a new truck to replace the one I destroyed on the black ice. I didn't think I could afford much but I went to a police auction and got lucky. Very lucky. This truck is nicer than anything either of us ever thought we would ever own. It would be fiscally responsible to turn around and sell it. But as Annie's mother said, "You should own something really nice at least once in your life." And so here we are living the good life. And compared to the old truck, a very safe life. Apart from all the luxury features, this truck has four wheel drive, ABS, duel side airbags, and a heater that works.
You may ask why I bought a truck when a car is more economical. I took this picture to illustrate the need (I also like the profile of her legs). This photo is of Annie next to her tuck going through security to get into the underground loading bays of the World Financial Center. She is pulling in to load five of her pieces that had been on exhibit. I am mighty proud. I took a lot of satisfaction from watching people stopping in their tracks to get lost in her work. I took some pictures of the pieces them selves if you would like to see them click here. I was kind of limited by having to shoot through the bonnets so some of her older art is better seen at her website,

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