Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Laughing All Over

My father has cancer now. It has started to double every six weeks. He told me his life is good except that he worries about his wife and what might happen to her in a year’s time. We talked about the nature of my work. Not the mechanical kinetic part that is the meat and potatoes of my practice but the other more esoteric part. I am reluctant to call it energy work because I don’t really understand it. I would like to think its effect is a mixture of what comes from yoga and meditation and maybe acupuncture. He was very interested and jumped at the chance to try it.

I had him lay down and made sure he was warm. I passed my hands over his body and found physical problems like a knee that was bothering him. I don’t know how that works with out touching and though a blanket but there it was. And I let it be. I put his chest between my hands front to back. There are a lot of ways to engage a body. There is pressure that matches the impedance of muscles; there is pressure that matches the impedance of viscera. You can similarly engage a body neurological or thermally. What I did with my father was none of these things. But I engaged and found in his chest hardness I had never felt before. I talked to my father about the importance of not judging the hardness. How this hardness had probably worked hard to protect him for most of his life. I helped honor this part of him and let it go. His chest softened. I worked on the rest of his body helping the loosening and opening.

When I was done my father told me he felt wonderful. That his body felt so happy it was like it was laughing all over.

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